Friday, 19 February 2016

A Good Brother

What a good brother looks like? 
What a good brother sounds like?

He looks out for peopleHe's always kind to anotherHe is always there for each otherShows respect to teachers that not always aroundHe shows what awesome looks like He's not scary but his caring He nose when to open his mouth and shut it Wheoritia Te atawhai  Make kindness go viralHe dose not say bad words He dose not play silly games like shining people A person who protects his family and friendsPositive words & actions Sharing is caring Dose not mock peoples family 

Friday, 12 February 2016

First of 2016

The first 2 weeks of school I have been learning allot of things. Like I've meet other people in my new class, My class is Room 1 and the teacher for that class is Mr Wismen. What I am looking forward to is being a house captain leader. I am a House captain for Te Aurere my partner is Ashley. !!!I REALLY LIKE THIS CLASS!!!

Thursday, 10 December 2015

2015 Reflection

It was really cool this year i’ve enjoyed everything that we’ve done. I wished that all that happiness could stay that way.  Meeting other people and making new friends.  My ChromeBook was frustrating because it is slow.  Because I haven't been that good my attitude is not that good but it was great last terms 3,2 and 1.  Helping others for doing stuff.  I’m good at sports  i love running. I would try to achieve new goals.  I really need help with my maths. i am still learning how to do subtraction in math.  Make proper paragraphs and really good sense. We need more  punctuation.

This term the most things i've liked is tech. The one i'd like at tech the most was hard materials. It is when you build with wood but you have to use an pice of paper first. You have to draw a drawing of something you like. But it has to have a joint i will show you are pitcher of it. This is what made my helicopter.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Asus zenfone 2 google cupboard

Image result for google cardboard
Yesterday 24th of November 2015 Team 5 was given the chance to use the asus zenfone 2.  Y7 had used the asus zenfone 2 with the experience of google cupboard.  As you can see  there are tips how you could use the google cupboard. Our first instructions was the girls to get a asus zenfone 2 google cupboard.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Immersion Assembly

At the beginning of term 4. our school had an Immersion assembly. We had watched a video about a bird called Fiapoko. Once there were three little kids and in the morning they were having breakfast.

Join breakfast something popped up it was the fiapoko bird. The fiapoko bird was known as i’m the business. The fiapoko carried on saying  i’m the business,  i’m the business. And they were getting a noid and when they were trying to watch TV he kept on going on about i’m the business.   

Until one day the three children had called the fiapoko !!HUNTER!!. The fiapoko Hunter had an axe, machete and a AK47.45. That was all the weapons he had. The fiapoko had went into the jungle it was called Pt Dingaling he cut through the trees with his machete.

After he had cut down every thing he had saw the fiapoko bird and he had shot it with his AK47.45. After he shot the bird he cut off the head of the fiapoko bird. He went back and cooked it in the oven and what came was !KFC! Yumy.  

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Within' strategy on a double number line.

This is what i have been working on for the past days I've been working on are maths site called rations.